Rethinking Mathematics, 2nd Edition

It seems interesting for all mathematics teachers (via Tiny Teaching)
Rethinking Mathematics (RM) is ready for its second edition and needs contributors! We are excited to put forward this call and are calling on authors to submit manuscripts for consideration to Rethinking Schools as soon as possible. Our deadline for submissions for next edition of the book is September 1.
We are looking for submissions in four principal areas:
  • manuscripts describing teaching and learning mathematics for social justice (e.g., see RM chapters 1, 5, 9, or 12);
  • manuscripts describing salient issues in T/L mathematics for social justice (e.g., RM chapters 2, 3, 4, 7, or 14);
  • one- to three- page "mini-lessons" or "activity boxes" that teachers can use and adapt to their contexts (see RM pp. 16-18; p. 23; 29-30; or 64-67);
  • resources for teaching math for social justice (see RM, "Resources" section and RM itself) including cartoons, graphics, graphs, pictures, and other creative and lively ideas. 
Of these, the first is our priority. And for these, we are especially looking for chapters written by (or with) classroom teachers who have actually taught the social justice lessons, and those manuscripts that emphasize student voice, real classrooms, and all the challenges of doing this work (including how teachers themselves learn and grow in the process). If you are not familiar with the Rethinking Schools magazine, please read the chapters in RM and articles in the magazine to get a sense of what Rethinking Schools publishes, and see the Rethinking Schools contributor guidelines.
Several areas that we want to emphasize are articles for younger grades (K-5), international perspectives (and authors from the Global South), issues of mathematics and bi/multilingual contexts, contributions focusing on culture and cultural relevance, and submissions by authors of color.
Our view is that Rethinking Mathematics is really an ongoing project for Rethinking Schools and the wider teaching and learning mathematics for social justice "community". That is, we will always be open to considering articles for the magazine and for future editions of the book in case we are not able to accept your submission for this edition. Of course, Rethinking Schools can never guarantee publication, but the Rethinking Schools editors are committed to working with potential authors in shaping your submissions for the book or magazine.

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