Are we close to discovering the Higgs Boson?

#Higgs #ICHEP2012 #CERN #LHC #LargeAdronCollider
Today ATLAS and CMS will present, during two scientific conferences, their results with the complete set of data from 2011. ATLAS has also released a preprint, submitted to the Physical Review D, in which the experiment propose a measure for the Higgs mass: $m_H = 126GeV$ with a significance of $2.9 \sigma$ (like I wrote yesterday). There are not the numbers for a discover, but we are really close to the Higgs boson, like John Ellis explains in the following video:
You can follow the conference in webcast, on internet thanks to the live blogging from Sean Carroll, or following the hashtags on twitter: #Higgs #ICHEP2012 #CERN #LHC #LargeAdronCollider.

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