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Les Horribles Cernettes is a rock-swing group that started its activity with the... birth of the web!
Indeed the first photo uploaded on web by Tim Berners-Lee was a promotional photoshop by the fab four girl from LHC!
The group is, today, formed by three girls Michele de Gennaro, Anne MacNabb, Colette Marx-Nielsen, and this is the original story from the official web site:
Once upon a summer there was a girl. She was a CERN secretary tired of waiting day and night for her permanently-on-shift physicist boyfriend, and so she decided to attract his attention by stepping on stage during the CERN Hardronic Festival to sing about her lonely nights in front of the entire CERN population. She asked Silvano [de Gennaro, an IT developer who worked with Tim Berners-Lee] to write a song about her life and a couple of girlfriends to back her up on stage. A few weeks later the Cernettes were on stage for the first time, for the delight of thousands of happy Physicists, singing Collider, the song that since that day became the National Anthem of the High Energy Kingdom.
Their first success was Liquid Nitrogen, but today I would share a live version of Mr. Higgs:
But Les Cernettes are nearest to say goodbye: indeed their last live will be on 21st July at the 2012 Hardronic Music Festival. So, if you are in the zone, go to the Fest in order to see Les Cernettes!
A curious news that it could be connected with Les Cernettes is the sonification of ATLAS' data by Domenico Vicinanza in collaboration with Mariapaola Sorrentino and Giuseppe La Rocca:

More details on geant.net
The first photo was uploaded also on Wikipedia with a fair use license. The original url of the photo is http://musiclub.web.cern.ch/MusiClub/bands/cernettes/pictures/LHC5.jpg

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