The poet and the pendulum

Looking upward, I surveyed the ceiling of my prison. It was some thirty or forty feet overhead, and constructed much as the side walls. In one of its panels a very singular figure riveted my whole attention. It was the painted figure of Time as he is commonly represented, save that, in lieu of a scythe, he held what, at a casual glance, I supposed to be the pictured image of a huge pendulum, such as we see on antique clocks. There was something, however, in the appearance of this machine which caused me to regard it more attentively. While I gazed directly upward at it, (for its position was immediately over my own,) I fancied that I saw it in motion. In an instant afterward the fancy was confirmed. Its sweep was brief, and of course slow. I watched it for some minutes, somewhat in fear, but more in wonder.
- from The pit and the pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe
After the abandonment of Tarja Turunen, the Nightwish engaged Anette Olzon as a female voice for five years, from 2007 to 2012. Again the separation it was not the best, but the fact is that Anette, despite the apparent sympathy, certainly did not enter the hearts of the fans, evidently still loving Turunen. His place was then taken by the dutch Floor Jansen, who turned out to be a worthy substitute for Turunen, but in the meantime Olzon sang one of Tuomas Holopainen's most interesting and inspired songs, evidently inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and to his mystical story The pit and the pendulum:

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