Come back on the road

Due to some family problems, 2017 was a difficult year and all my online activities, particularly blogs, had a considerable decrease in content. As for Doc Madhattan the effects were seen especially in the last months of 2017 and in 2018, when the last post came out in august.
In june of this year, almost a year later, I resumed posting also on this blog with the death of Murray Gell-Mann. However, I still had no idea if and how to regularly resume publications. Then the case wanted that, thanks to the first photograph of a quantum entaglement, I am selected among the contents of the week of Science Seeker, and this gives me the incentive to resume curating the contents also on this blog!
The program, which I hope to maintain, is to publish a couple of articles a month: in this way I should be able to keep up the pace, placing it between work and articles for my other italian blogs. As for the contents, I would like first of all to recover some of the notes that have remained in draft in all these months of silence, so try to write new contents from scratch. Probably I will also decrease the amount of mathematics present here on Doc Madhattan: the idea is also to take up my column on Mathematics in Europe, so probably the mathematical posts here will be an extract with the link to the complete article.
ON the other hand, physics will have all the space needed here on Doc Madhattan.
I hope that taking this road again may be even longer and more enjoyable than the one that was interrupted a year ago.

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