The space eye of Sauron

When the first image of the black hole, M87*, was released, several memes circulated online that repositioned the photo in different contexts. One of the best known was the one that placed M87* in the center of Sauron's eye as it was displayed in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
The photo I present above, however, taken in 2008 by the Hubble Space Telescope is much more reminiscent of the evil eye of Sauron. It represents the debris disk around the star Fomalhaut, a white star in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus approximately 25 light years away. In 2008, an exoplanet was also discovered, Fomalhaut b (also known as Dagon, a perfect name for Halloween parties!), although there are still doubts about its existence (probably it does not exist, at least not yet).
The curiosity about this star is that the protagonist of Stanislaw Lem's Return from the Universe returns to Earth after a space exploration trip right around Fomalhaut: the book is dated 1961, almost fifty years before astronomers discovered clues about the possible existence of Dagon.

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