Super Science Friends: how to save Newton

There is a new animated series in the city(1): Super Science Friends. Created by Brett Jubinville of Tinman Creative Studios, it was funded the first short through Kickstarter, while the rest of the episodes can be supported on Patreon.
The series is evidently inspired by Super Friends, produced by Hanna-Barbera for DC Comics, with the place of the heroes of JLA taken by some iconic scientists: Marie Curie, with a radioactive ring similar to Green Lantern’s one; Charles Darwin, able to transform into any animal, like Beast Boy from the Teen Titans; Nikola Tesla, with electromagnetic powers, like Magneto from Marvel universe, historical X-Men enemy; Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis with oversight of lust, to be seen as an alternative to Aquaman with his oversight of aquatic creatures.
Added to these is the little-known Tapputi, which she is the first legendary alchemist in history, can generate visions, mostly erotic on his person, thanks to her concoctions, like the Scarecrow, Batman opponent Batman.
The last member of the team, officially on the bench, is the Albert Einstein's fourteen clone, with the super speed and temperamentally modeled on Impulse, young sidekick of the third Flash.
The Super Science Friends were assembled, thanks to time travel, by Winston Chucrhill with the intent to counter the advance of Nazism.
In the first episode, The Phantom Premise, the superteam will investigate the disappearance of apples from Britain in 1665, which, of course, will put them to see Isaac Newton who, according to the legend, was inspired by an apple that has fallen on the head for the formulation of his law of universal gravitation.

  1. Special thanks to my friend, Stefano Cidone for sharing the video

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