Fifty years of CP violation

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The CP violation is a violation of the CP-symmetry, a combination between the charge conjugation symmetry (C) and the parity symmetry (P).
CP-symmetry states that the laws of physics should be the same if a particle is interchanged with its antiparticle, and then its spatial coordinates are inverted.
The CP violation is discovered in 1964 by Christenson, Cronin, Fitch, and Turlay (Cronin and Fitch awarded the Nobel Prize in 1980) studying the kaons' decays and it could have a key-role in the matter-antimatter imbalance.
Now the CERN Courier dadicated a special issue about the fifty years of the discovery (download here).
Christenson, J., Cronin, J., Fitch, V., & Turlay, R. (1964). Evidence for the 2π Decay of the K_{2}^{0} Meson Physical Review Letters, 13 (4), 138-140 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.13.138

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