Magical modular furniture

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Transform is a magical, modular furniture developed by MIT:
The work is comprised of three dynamic shape displays that move more than one thousand pins up and down in realtime to transform the tabletop into a dynamic tangible display. The kinetic energy of the viewers, captured by a sensor, drives the wave motion represented by the dynamic pins.
The motion design is inspired by the dynamic interactions among wind, water and sand in nature, Escher’s representations of perpetual motion, and the attributes of sand castles built at the seashore. TRANSFORM tells the story of the conflict between nature and machine, and its reconciliation, through the ever-changing tabletop landscape.
They came in Italy during the last design week, but I was busy at school, so I cannot go to see the exhibition and I had to settle with the videos:
It's a hard life...
(via Wired)


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