Jurij Gagarin: a dream during an orbit

by @ulaulaman about #YuriGagarin #space_esploration #Russia #ColdWar
He was born in Klušino on the 9th March, 1934; he died on the 27th March 1968, in a plane crash. His death and the controversy that followed and especially the pioneering gesture for which I remembered him today, make me pull over to Hal Jordan, a comic book superhero. In fact, Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, when he returned home from his space mission, was celebrated as a hero, as a man who was raised on humanity in all its stature: the 12nd April 12 1961 he had become the first man to go in space, completing one orbit around the Earth.
Jurij Gagarin
Yuri has thus paved the way for space, marking a key point in the path toward the Moon: at that time Russia was very close to winning that race in space that characterized the Cold War, but thanks to Wernher von Braun, United States conquest the Moon before their opponents. In every case the importance of Gagarin and the Russian space school are now remembered for example with the movie First Orbit:

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