The B mesons and the new physics

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The search about B mesons decays has a great importance in physics for the possible clues of new physics that could be discovered. So theoretical phisicists have developed some new observables in order to test this possibility. LHCb produced new results about these new parameters, in particular the so called $P_5'$.
According to Joaquim Matias from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and colleagues the deviation in $P_5'$ and small discrepancies in the other angular observables for this decay, follow a pattern. In a recent paper the authors claim that a global analysis of the LHCb data, together with previous measurements, show a deviation of $4.5 \sigma$ with respect to Standard Model expectations, which can be explained with the same mechanism. This demands further investigation, in particular to re-evaluate all the sources of theoretical uncertainty, and to understand the effects of correlations between the experimental measurements.
(via LHCb)
The image shows the distribution of the $P_5'$ observable as a function of the $\mu^+ \mu^-$ invariant mass squared $q^2$. The black data points are compared with the Standard Model prediction.

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