Mathgenerator Editions: Differential Analysis

After the publications of some abstracts (with the pdf version) from papers generated with mathgen and scigen, Today I propose you a book generated with the downloadable code of mathgen. I use the following code:
./ --product=book --mode=zip --author="Gianluigi Filippelli"
In this way the software generates also the LaTeX code, and so I could eventually modify the book. For example I add a cover: first of all I generated it using Magazine Cover generator. In order to add the cover, first of all I insert the following code in the preamble:
And after I add the following code after \begin{document}:

\ begin{center}
\ end{center}

In order to create an interactive pdf I also add the following package:
pdftitle=Differential analysis,
pdfauthor=Gianluigi Filippelli,
You can download the results from
I hope that you can enjoy yourselfs with mathgen and scigen!

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