Horizon in the Milky Way

On twitter Filippo Menconi shared an incredible flash applet realized with St├ęphane Guisard's photos. The applet is intercative: for example you can change point of view simply moving the mouse up and down, rigth and left. After some experiment, I try to realize a little video using the applet. I produce two videos, without changing in point of view. In particular I propose you the video with Clouds over us(1) by Seeking for a name like soundtrack:
I hope that you can like this little experiment. In every case, if you are curious, in the following part of the post, you can read the procedure that I use:
I realize the video capturing the area of the applet with XVidCap Screen Capture (software for Ubuntu) and I add the soundtrack using mencoder.
To install it, I run the following line(2) in the console:
sudo apt-get install mencoder
And now I run this line(2) in order to add Clouds over us to the video generated by XVidCap:
mencoder test.mpeg -o video01.avi -ovc copy -oac mp3lame -audiofile music.mp3
I also realize a video without sound (see on YouTube). In this case first of all I install mplayer(3)
apt-get install scrot mplayer
and after I start the screen capture procedure(3):
while [ 1 ]; do scrot -q 100 $(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).jpg; sleep 1; done
In this case I capture the entire screen, so before the realization of the video, I must extract from about 100 images the portion of the sky. In order to complete this operation without mistakes I install the David's Batch Processor(4), a GIMP's plugin. After the resize, I list all files in a txt(3)
ls -1tr *.jpg > files.txt
and produce the video(3)
mencoder -ovc x264 -mf w=900:h=600:fps=8:type=bmp 'mf://@files.txt' -o video02.avi
Remember: all lines must run in the fold of the images. In alternative you must write the complete path of files.
(1) The song is included in Darkshine, the first album of Seeking for a name, a metalcore/deathcore spanish band. You can download Darkshine, released in creative commons, from Musica or Jamendo
(2) How to put music to a video in Linux
(3) HOWTO: Time-lapse capture your Linux desktop
(4) Batch Resize Images with Gimp

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