Milky Way in timelapse

Writing a card about Milky Way for Italian Olympiad Astronomy syllabus, I search for some video in timelapse about our galaxy, and I find some interesting videos and a great artist, or photographer, as you like. The photographer was cited on Daily Mail and Photo Blog on (and other sites in the web), and this is his great photo (source):
Tommy Eliassen (facebook, 1X) is the photographer, and he is very talented.
But this is simple the introduction to the timelapse video of today, Mt Ruapehu Timelapse by Jared Brandon:
The name of our galaxy comes from greek mythology. Indeed Zeus put on Hera's chest his son Heracles. And the hero started to suck the divine milk in order to became immortal. But Hera waked up (she was spleeping) and she pushed Heracles away. In that moment a splash of milk from the breasts of the goddess became the Milky Way:

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