Italian Wikipedia and the fight for neutrality

We are Italians. We are wikipedians. And we are neutral. And now our neutrality is in danger cause by an italian law. You can read here the communication.
And this is an e-mail from Wikimedia Foundation:
The Wikimedia Foundation first heard about this a few hours ago: we don't have a lot of details yet. Jay is gathering information and working on a statement now.

It seems obvious though that the proposed law would hurt freedom of expression in Italy, and therefore it's entirely reasonable for the Italian Wikipedians to oppose it. The Wikimedia Foundation will support their position.

The question of whether blocking access to Wikipedia is the best possible way to draw people's attention to this issue is of course open for debate and reasonable people can disagree. My understanding is that the decision was taken via a good community process. Regardless, what's done is done, for the moment.

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