Play the game with the Higgs boson

In the mid-March at Moriond 2013 ATLAS and CMS presented the last results about the research of the Higgs' boson. While CMS reduced the excess for the $H \rightarrow \gamma \gamma$ decay channell, ATLAS continued to observe it. This result could be a clue that the boson discovered and announced last year is only the first of a series of Higgs' bosons. Indeed, following Albert De Roeck of CSM, the photon decay could be connected with...
new physics and there are a great deal of models that can come with such a number
In order to resolve the question (is the new boson the only Higgs' boson or simply a Higgs' boson?) we have to wait the end of the maintenance work of LHC, but in the meantime we could play with the Quark Matter Card Game, in particular the variant named Higgs Boson - on Your Own!
Object of the game: to win, by detecting a decay of a Higgs boson. If this does not happen in a given game, one can win by statistics, by collecting the largest number of particle cards.
The proposed game is a variation of Memory
The course of the game: The players put the thoroughly shuffled pack to the middle then make an ordered, e.g. 6x11 table of the cards, that all are placed in a face down position, initially. Players follow each other in a sequential, e.g. counter-clockwise order. This Higgs-boson – on Your Own is a Memory style game, it starts similarly to the Memory of Quark Matter Card Game.
You could realize a series of valid configuration, like meson, baryon, anti-baryon, or the Higgs decay (below two examples):

$H \rightarrow Z^0 Z^0 \rightarrow l^+ l^- l^+ l^-$

$H \rightarrow Z^0 Z^0 \rightarrow l^+ \nu l^- \bar{\nu}$
And so... Play the game!

(via Quantizzando)

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