A pretty picture of the Solar System

[Benjamin W. Betts] has made some studies of the Solar System, and endeavoured to find the law by which the intervals between the planets are regulated. He considers that the planets mark points of undeterminateness in the circuit of the polar forces of attraction and repulsion. Gravitation lie considers as the resultant of a proportional relation of these forces and not as an independent force in itself.
He believes the form of the Solar System, by which he means the invisible form of the activities immediately concerned in its production, and of which certain points are marked by the position of the planets, to be a nine-petaled lily similar to the Ond Corollas(1). Every Solar System in the sky he supposes to be the counterpart of some flower at our feet. Our Solar System is an Alpha or male universe. Others he believes may be Omega or female forms. The systems with dual suns he thinks may resemble his diagrams of bi-axial corollas.
(1) The Ond Corolla, or simlply Ond, is the name given by Betts to form such the figure presented here.
Image source: The public domain review
Text source: Geometrical psychology, or, The science of representation - An abstract of the theories and diagrams of B. W. Betts by Louisa S. Cook (1887)
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