Weighted towel

a good #towelday by @ulaulaman
The primary object of the present invention is to provide a simple and safe means to secure a beach towel or blanket to the ground in the wind. A second objectis to make the invention easily carried. One embodiment offers an attached for holding wallet, clothing, etc. while swimming. These objects and will become apparent from the drawings, the description givev herein and appended claims.
In all embodiments the anchoring means is provided by a weighted cord sewnall around the perimeter of the material. Thus this invention could comprise a beach towel or a blanket or a mat. Metal weights are first inserted into a woven cord. The ends are scaled. Such weighted are available commercially. The weighted cord is then sewn into a hem along the perimeter of the material.
Arthur Dent thanks!

From the patent number 4634618 by Keith B. Greer et al (1987) ...
And a good towel day!

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