This is my first post for Doc Madhattan. First of all the explenation of the name of this new blog: I'm a theoretical physics, so I have two research fileds, physics and maths. But I have also another big passion: comics!
So I decide to combine this elements in a name who combine Doc Manhattan, from Alan Moore's Watchmen, with Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter, and here comes the name: Doc Madhattan!
The next step is the choice of blogging system, and some weeks ago (thanks to Michele!) I discovered Field of Science and I immediatly think:

It's a good place to open a science blog in English language! There are good science blogs, here, and I think very good people!

The first welcome from Edward is very good and I'm happy of my choice. So in the next months you must wait a lot of posts about mathematics and physics, but waiting I write an About page, waiting the first real post, I share with you Tenure for Wikipedia by John Hawks. In his post he inserts the following quotation:
"I've written articles in many areas, and in many cases I could show my colleagues what I had done in their field," Michel [Aaij] says. "I'd like to think that by now most of them have a favorable opinion of Wikipedia. Let's face it: Guillaume de Dole, now a Good Article, there's no database entry or encyclopedic article anywhere that compares to the Wikipedia article on that poem (and I realize that that says as much about Wikipedia as about the anywhere else)."
extracted from Wikimedia blog.
Why? I'm also a Wikipedian!

P.S.: excuse me for my english... I promise you I'll write better.

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